HowTo – Install Usermin on Ubuntu 10.04 LTS


Usermin is a web-based interface for webmail, password changing, mail filters, fetchmail and much more. It is designed for use by regular non-root users on a Unix system, and limits them to tasks that they would be able to perform if logged in via SSH or at the console. You can visit to view the documentation and modules avaliable for usermin. The information below is based on a condensed version of a post shown in the sources and modified to install usermin.


I installed usermin on my servers remoted in via an ssh client. Once logged in use the following command and root password when prompted to get root access.

sudo su


Step #1: Download The Latest Version From

Step #2: Execute webmin package. It will fail but it’s easier for us, since we’ll just force installing dependencies, rather than installing them one by one.
sudo dpkg -i usermin-current.deb
Step #3: Install missing dependencies and it will automatically recompile webmin

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  • cellz says:

    just a heads up. there is no need to run sudo after you’ve already gained access as super user (su – as listed in opening step).

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