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PIC© microcontrollers by Microchip Technology provides a wide variety of 8-bit, 16-bit, and 32-bit microcontrollers available in a wide array of configurations based on your needs.  Microchip provides the MPLAB IDE for development with the PIC® microcontroller in either assembly or C programming language.  The MPASM assembly language development software is free for download and integrates with the MPLAD IDE.  Currently the C compilers available from Microchip are available free in a limited capacity and also integrate into the MPLAB IDE.



The MPASM assembler is a command-line or Windows-based PC application that provides a platform for developing assembly language code for Microchip’s PIC© microcontroller (MCU) families. Assembly languaged is often passed over for a basic or c compiler. While it is not the easiest language to get up and running with it does offer flexibility and often more deterministic code execution. MPASM does offer a macro function that can make assembly language a little easier. Below are some macros that I have used in my programs. 


Macro Definitions

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